2018 Double Bird Blitz



Named sections outlined in red may be available.

Named sections outlined in red may be available.

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 Any day in June

Last June, birders found 5,478 birds of 108 species in the hilly woods and prairies of the Palos and Sag Valley Preserves ...  but we think there are more! This June, we're going to beat that number. If you blitzed with us last year but want to spend more time in your section, please do! Maybe you feel you just scratched the surface. And if you didn't blitz with us last year but have spent the whole year regretting it - this is your big chance.   Experienced birders can volunteer to cover a section that was not blitzed last year. We’re hoping you’ll join us!

We ask that you choose one day in June to try to cover your area as thoroughly as you can.  Start as early as you like and stay as long as you like, but keep to one day and try your best not to double-count birds. As we did last year, we will send you instructions and results will be entered into a special email account.

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These sections were not covered last year and are available:

Buffalo Woods West
Cranberry 3 (Tuma Lake)
Cranberry 6 (White Oak Woods)
Duffy 3
Groundhog 1 and 2
McGinnis 3
McMahon Woods and Moraine Valley
Paw Paw
Saganashkee Slough
Swallow Cliff 3
Tampier 1 and 2

Choose at least three sections that you are interested in and fill out the form at this link.