Judy Pollock has been a leader in local bird conservation since 1997, when she and others  founded the Bird Conservation Network.  A bird monitor since 1995 for the North Branch Restoration Project, she and others founded the Bird Conservation Network Survey, the largest local long-term citizen science breeding bird monitoring project in the nation. She still coordinates the Survey along with Lee Ramsey.  She served as BCN's first president as continues to be an active representative.

Judy was employed as Projects Coordinator and the Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Chicago Region from 1999-2014.  Before that, she was an educator and administrator in Chicago and New York City High Schools.  Currently she is enjoying serving the local conservation community as a consultant, and is employed as a project manager with Living Habitats

Judy serves on the board of Chicago Audubon Society.

Currently a resident of Evanston with her husband Scott, Judy was born in New York and came to the Chicago area in 1985.  She and Scott have two children, Jake and Sonia.